Monday, December 20, 2010

Madison's First Ballet

Madison and I went up to Portland to watch the Nutcracker Ballet.  She was very excited all week about her date with Mom.  We went out to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant before heading up (and made a Starbucks run, of course).  The entrance to the Keller Auditorium is pretty small and Maddie was a little overwhelmed by the many hundreds of people milling about.  We stopped and looked at the souvenir tables and thankfully she was not interested in the $20 tiaras they had for sale, or the used ballet slippers selling for upwards of $50.  She also opted not to get a picture with a ballerina and mouse for $15 a pop.  Craziness.  I did learn an interesting fact about those slippers though, for a professional ballerina a pair of point slippers only last 8-12 hours. And I thought the fact that Madison will probably grow out of her ballet slippers after only one season was bad...  Once we rented a booster for Madison we found our seats.  They were in the second row near the center, which was perfect for Madison.  She able to stand up and watch the orchestra play before the ballet started and during the show she could see every move and facial expression.  I realize that to a ballet connoisseur the second row is not considered "prime seating", but to a three year old it is just about perfect.  Madison was mesmerized by the entire show and when I asked her what her favorite part was she said "everything".  She wants to take Kenzie and Daddy back next year.  During the intermission I gave her the nutcracker I had bough previously.  She loves him (so much so that his head has already had to be glued back on).  Maddie must had asked about a thousand questions yesterday on the way up to, during and after the show.   Though I enjoyed the show too, and it brought back memories of my own trips to the Nutcracker Ballet as a little girl, what I enjoyed even more was watching my daughter enjoy this new experience so much.  

  I wasn't able to take many pictures because after snapping a few I was informed that pictures aren't permitted inside the auditorium.  Oops. 

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