Saturday, December 18, 2010

This too shall pass...

Lately blogging for me is more therapeutic than anything else.  I usually wait until the kids are down for their nap and then take a few minutes to upload pictures and reflect on a recent event.  The girls are in a tough stage right now for some reason.  Last spring was tough with an almost 2 and almost 3 year old.  Then things got better and we got over some hurdles.  And not we are back to it being tough again.  I know this is nothing unusual and I fully expect it to be a common cycle during the next 18 years. Right now the girls are just cranky more often than not.  Kenzie is ready for a nap by 10 it seems so it doesn't leave time to get anything done in the morning or to go do anything fun without many meltdowns.  It isn't that she isn't sleeping enough (she gets at least 12 or 13 hours each night plus an hour at naptime) and I can't extend her naps because I've tried that.  And Madison has been clingy and doesn't want to participate in the normal activities we attend weekly (Awana, M2M) and has taken to crying if we drop her off anywhere.  I don't feel like we are gone that often and our schedule isn't very busy (we usually only go out for 2-3 hours at the most and are typically home a full day in between going out).  There isn't any major changes in our life...yet..the baby isn't here, we aren't moving until the spring.  There is no answer for why life is more difficult right now, it is just exhausting, but I know it will pass...someday.  

Today I took the girls to the carousel.  Santa was scheduled to be there and though we still haven't fully come to a decision about what Santa will mean in our household, I thought maybe if the girls were up for it we would attempt a picture.   They weren't up for it.  We did enjoy the carousel and suckers before melting down. I am trying to look at the positive, which is why I look forward to my blog posts so much lately.  It is a few minutes to stop and reflect on the positive, fun moments I am spending with the girls lately. 

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