Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As promised...

I promised I would get some pictures of the girls up ASAP.

Here are a few random ones from the past month or so...

This kid is in a princess dress 24/7.  The only time she is not in a princess dress is when she is in the bath or we are not home...apparently we even sleep in them now...

 Both girls are in a "smiling at the camera" phase.  I need to take advantage of this while it lasts! 

Since there isn't much to this post I will take a second to update you on the girls.

Madison is still as sweet as ever.  She requests that music be played all day long at home and is constantly dancing and changing from one princess dress to the next.  She loves doing "school" with me or her dad in the evenings.  This could be anything from practicing her letters to cutting and pasting.  She recently learned how to spell her name and has made it into a little song, singing it often.  We finally let her start chewing gum on occasion, something she is very proud of.  She is old enough to have real conversations with and I love it.  This morning she asked when we get to go live with Jesus.  Since she accepted Jesus into her heart earlier this month, He is the topic of many conversations each week.

Makenzie gets more loving by the day.  For a while she was on the go so much that she wasn't very affectionate.  Lately she has been doling out hugs and kisses and "I love you mama" left and right.  She is still working on potty training.  Definitely a longer process than with Madison, but when she feels like it, she does great!  Makenzie knows all of her letters and their sounds now and Madison loves to quiz her using the letter magnets on our fridge.  We used to do the same thing with Madison when she was learning her letters, it is amazing that at only 3 1/2 Madison loves to teach her sister new things.

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