Thursday, January 13, 2011

A good reminder

I took Kenzie to the doctor last night.  Usually if I am going to take just one of the kids anywhere it is Madison, because she always wants to go.   Something amazing happens when you get the girls by themselves.  It is like they become the best version of them self and I actually have the time to take notice of how truly incredible they are, without the distractions of the other child.  Each time I take out just one of the girls I am more and more convinced of how vital it is that Josh and I have regular date nights and outings with each of the kids alone.  I am still reeling from what an incredible kid Makenzie is after having spent an hour with her at the doctor last night.  Don't get me wrong, I know she is awesome, but our day to day interaction can look a lot like this:  Kenzie gets up way too early and as a result very cranky and so is Mom (until she gets her coffee), Kenzie has a few accidents despite being on month 2 or 3 of potty training, I break up 10 or 15 arguments between the girls, Kenzie disobeys, Kenzie whines, Kenzie takes too short of a nap, Kenzie is fussy,  ahhhh finally Daddy is home (relief!), Kenzie won't eat her dinner or sit in her chair, and BEDTIME!  Woohoo!  Consistent training is hard work and sometimes the positives can get overlooked.  Makenzie didn't do anything specific last night, she was just a sweet, happy, tiny, singing, smart, affectionate, obedient little girl that brought joy to each person she came in contact with last night.  I was so proud to be her Mom!  When we were leaving the doctor she got her sticker and I asked if we could have on for her sister and Kenzie exclaimed, "Oh that would be so becial (special), Maddie will love it!"   She was so genuinely excited for her sister.  And all of this was with an ear infection and sinus infection.  Makenzie is an amazing little girl and I am thankful for last nights' reminder of that fact!

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