Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I should be doing my math homework right now...but uploading pictures from my trip to California sounded more appealing until I realized I only took 2 pictures.  So, after this post my stalling will be done and it will be back to math.

I spent the past 4 days with my good friend Stacey at her parents home near Monteray California.  Stacey and I met on our first day of freshman orientation week in college and though we only went to school together for one year, we have stayed close.  We try to see each other once or twice  a year.  We met at her parents house this week.  She brought her 10 1/2 month old daughter, Aubrey with her, but on this trip I was child-free.  It was a lovely, relaxing 4 days.  I had absolutely zero obligations.  I cannot think of the last time that happened, or when will happen again.  We got pedicures, went out to lunch, ate fish and chips on the boardwalk, and played games.  I started and finished and entire book during my trip.  I felt the baby moving more than ever!  It was a wonderful mini-vacation.  Stacey's parents were amazing hosts and gave me a bit of time away that won't likely be duplicated any time soon. 

It was also fun to see what a wonderful mother Stacey is to her daughter.  She is patient, caring, attentive and loving with Aubrey.  We have come along way from being 18 year old girls fresh out of high school, living in the dorms and talking about boys.  I am so thankful for our friendship and her place in my life.


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