Friday, February 11, 2011


Nope that's not the name of our third child...that is the name of Madison's new imaginary friend.  She had talked about Caris for a few weeks now.  I thought she was just mixing up the name of a friend from church or something.  But then tonight she said that Caris was standing in the room so I looked at a blank spot in the room and said, "Hello Caris".  And Madison said, "No Mom, she is over here."  After reading my friends stories about her son's imaginary friends I am thinking that this might get complicated if it goes on much longer.   Tonight Madison tucked Caris in to bed in Grandma's Room (what we call the spare room).  She checked on her before she went to bed.  I also learned this evening that Caris is 4-90-60 years old and that she wears pretty dresses that are white, pink, or purple. 

Interesting side note:  I looked up the name "Caris" in on a baby name website and it means "grace".

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