Thursday, February 3, 2011

Musings of Maddie

"Mom, Aladdin just called me and he said he wants to ad me on facebook and he wants to marry me, but he likes swords so I am not going to marry him."

"I just killed an ant with my fingers.  He is dead now and he will never see his mom or dad again."

"Jesus is going to come down from Heaven, through the clouds and take us back up with Him?  How is that even possible?" 
~ Maddie ponders God, Jesus, His Coming, etc. more than anyone I know. 

"I am going to marry a prince someday.  It can't be dad because mom already married him."

"Mom, you are wearing black.  That is the same color as sin."

"I have 'booms' just like you, Mom.  Yay! Yay! Oh yay!"
~ I am going to leave it to you to interpret was 'booms' are...

"I am cranky because I woke up way too early."

This is just from the past two days....

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