Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mr Donalds (as Kenzie would say)

Today we had to go to JoAnn's Fabrics to get quite a few things.   We had a long list of things to get because I had to get the stuff to finish Kenzie's stocking, an I-Spy Bag, the baby's quilt, and the baby's mobile. As an incentive to obey at JoAnn's I told the girls I would take them to the new McDonalds afterwards.  We love this new has only been around for a few months so it is till very clean.  We like to go around 10am to beat the lunch crowd.  I always go with the intention of just buying the girls some fries or something for a snack...but being pregnant makes it nearly impossible to say no to chicken nuggets when I am sitting in close proximity to them.  So we had lunch too.  I try to limit the girls fast food, but when the weather is cold for months on end and the only indoor park in down now charges like $6 a kid and makes the parents pay an entrance fee too...McDonalds just has so much appeal.

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