Saturday, March 26, 2011

What to do...

I have this ongoing battle raging in me right now...not the one between the baby's feet and my ribs, though that one is there too.  I have the intense desire to organize and accomplish tasks but I feel as though have nothing I can accomplish.  I can't set up the baby's room because we might move in the next 9 weeks before it comes, but we also might not.  I know a move is coming but I cannot pack because it might be a month or three...  I have dressers to paint but I cannot do that because I don't have a garage, and I am pregnant so paint fumes are off limits...   I can't even organize and re-organize the baby's closet as so many expectant mothers do, because we don't know where we are having so I have no clothes.  It's crazy, I think back to being pregnant with Madison and she had a closet over-packed with clothes as well as a full dresser and changing table.  This baby has a tiny lingerie size drawer of boy clothes and another of girl clothes.  I have exactly 1 newborn size girl onesie and about 4 cute but not practical outfits that I kept because they were too cute to part with.  You can only fold and refold a onesie so many times before it just becomes ridiculous.  Leaving the house always costs $$ so I try to limit how much I do that too.  I know that I should cherish this feeling of "having nothing to do" because soon I will be given the task of caring for a newborn and moving and would probably give anything to feel like I had nothing to do once again...

One more week and then I can say, "I am due next month."  Woo Hoo!

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  1. You know honey there are some people that just don't like it when they don't have a lot to do. You, I believe, are one of those people. There are way more people that should be getting up off their butts more often because they have stuff they should be doing, but they are lazy!!! Be thankful that you are the way you are, and yes you will be super busy soon.
    Love you!