Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg Hunt Fail

Josh had to work to day, so to give the girls and me something to do I decided I would brave the chaos of an Easter Egg Hunt without him.  We have never taken the girls to one.  We don't have family close, so unless it is possible for us to travel for holidays it is just the 4 of us (almost 5!)  I honestly wasn't sold on the idea of taking them to a Egg hunt today.  I wasn't sure how I felt about the chaos associated with an Easter Egg Hunt and how distracting it would be from the true meaning of Easter and what we tried to instill in the girls.  At Christmas I avoid the chaos by getting my shopping done months in advance and mostly online, leaving us lots of time to focus on the ture meaning of Christmas without stress, breaking the bank or chaotic shopping trips. Part of me feels like it might send a double meaning to the kids to tell them over and over what Easter is about but then the day before the holiday take them to some crazy, crowded, frenzied dash for plastic eggs filled with candy.  But I didn't listen to that part.  I googled Easter Egg hunts in our town to find one because I didn't know of any.  Foolishly on my part I picked one that boasted 25,000 (yes, thousand) eggs dropped from a helicopter.  I got there an hour an a half early thinking we would avoid the long lines and parking.  There was a Toysrus and a Starbucks in the same parking lot, so I knew we would be able to keep ourselves busy until the festivities started.  To my complete surprise, when I arrived there were already thousand and thousands of people.  The line was longer than any I have seen at Disneyland.  We walked for minutes and minutes to find the end of the line when I finally decided that this was not how I wanted to celebrate Easter with the girls.  Not only that, but I was also concerned for their safety.  The girls were very disappointed when I told them we were leaving.  We stopped by Toysrus to look at toys to ease the disappointment and then headed to Walmart so I could buy a couple of little things for their very own Easter Egg hunt at home.  Madison was the most disappointed.  She didn't perk up until a couple of hours later when we met Josh for lunch.  As we left Walmart and passed the Easter Egg hunt location on our way home, we were passed by a firetruck and an ambulance with lights and sirens that stopped guessed it, the Easter Egg Hunt.  At least then I was able to explain to Madison that someone got hurt and we wouldn't have wanted to be there anyway.  Ever since having her stitches she takes getting hurt very seriously. 
So tonight we will have our own little Easter egg hunt and scavenger hunt followed by a movie night together as a family (the girls will be getting Tangled in their scavenger hunt).  And to me, it couldn't be a more perfect way to celebrate together without losing site of the true focus of Easter. 


**I am not saying that I will never take the girls to an Easter Egg hunt or that I don't think people should take their children.  I definitely won't take them to one that boasts helicopters and 25,000 eggs.  But it just wasn't for us, this year.

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