Sunday, April 17, 2011


This afternoon we dyed Easter Eggs.  It was the girls' first time and they loved it.  The four (almost five) of us sat around the kitchen table together doing a craft, something that doesn't happen often as I usually do crafts while Josh is at work.  Uncle Jon was there to take pictures and help us die eggs too.  After we finished all of the eggs we tie dyed paper towels with the leftover dye to keep the fun going. 

Also, I am huge and am anticipating the arrival of this baby much sooner than I did with either of the girls.  My body is definitely a few years older than the last time I was pregnant and it is reminding me of this fact constantly.  5-ish weeks and counting...

The blue/pink one in the front is for baby #3!  There is a question mark written on the other side of it.

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