Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God cares about the little things

I just finished a book called God Knows My Size.  It is about a Romanian woman and  in the book she talks about how God clearly cared about the small details of her life growing up, and through seeing this, her faith grew exponentially. 

As a result of reading the book, I have been trying to recognize God's hand in the little, seemingly mundane things in my life. 

Today has been a challenging day.  The girls are cranky, they don't seem interested in doing anything, not painting, not crafting, not playing together nicely, and not even a movie (I tried...I was desperate).   Lunch time finally rolled around and I decided to make a box of Gluten-free Alfredo Pasta and I added tuna and peas.  It has been in the cupboard for months and I have avoided making it because I knew the girls would hate it.  But I desperately need to go shopping and my options were limited...so, I made it anyway.  I was much too exhausted for a food battle with the girls, but I was certain one was coming when I put their bowls in front of them.  To my complete joy and surprise, they both loved it and ate every single bite.  That NEVER happens.  God knew I needed a smooth lunch-time today and that I was too exhausted to (appropriately) handle a food battle.  Thank you Lord for caring about the small things!

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