Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oregon Coast Aquarium

I have been wanting to take the girls to the aquarium for forever now, so when I saw it on the other day I couldn't resist getting tickets for our family.  We took the girls today.  It was a long day for us.  We had our hospital tour this morning since this will be our first time going to this hospital to have a baby.  And then we headed to Newport to the aquarium.  I think maybe growing up near Seattle has skewed my view of many of the rest of the worlds aquariums, zoos and museums...because they are always disappointingly small everywhere else.  Or maybe as a kid everything just seemed way bigger in Seattle.  We still had great time though.  Madison's favorite exhibit was the jellyfish.  Makenzie favorite part was the orange fish and getting and orange fish sucker at the end (an incentive for looking at the camera for pictures).  After the aquarium we walked around Newport for a while and went down to look at the ocean. 

Inside the fishtank looking out.

"Smile and look at the camera and you'll get a treat!" 
(Great parenting...I know! But they'll appreciate these pictures some day)

Can't wait to not look like a whale that should have been IN the tank...

My favorite people in the World!

Scared faces!

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  1. I feel the same way in regards to zoos and aquariums. Seattle is pretty awesome in that department! I have been to the San Diego Zoo and it's got nothing on Woodland Park!!! Glad Madie's lip is healing so well, always a worry for mom and dad. Great family photos (shark jaw my personal fav) and you so don't look like a whale, more like a pregnant guppy.