Monday, April 18, 2011

Tulip Fields 2011

Horse Tire Swing

Blast from the past...last years favorite Tulip Field activity

This was the most bumpy/ridiculous ride ever.  There definitely should have been a warning for pregnant women.  The girls loved it though, and who knows, maybe the baby did too.

I let the girls jump in the puddles at the end of our day at the Tulip Fields.  Kenzie pretty much only went for the puddles.  She kept asking where the puddles where.

No boots.  One sock.  Typical.

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  1. You look so great Steph!! And WOW! Your girls look so grown up! They're both so beautiful just like their Mom! :) I hope all is well & you are enjoying Spring! Maddie's got a birthday coming up next month... hope it's a fun one for her! We miss ya & hope to see you if you're ever in Central Oregon or we are in the valley! Love, The Q's