Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wonderful Morning

I just spent and entire morning to myself.  A friend from church had had someone pre-pay her daughter to babysit.  The people who payed didn't need a babysitter themselves, they just wanted to bless two families at once.  So my friend asked me if I could use a sitter.  I have looked forward to this morning for two weeks! 

I dropped the car off downtown to get the oil changed, sat at Starbucks and worked on my Bible Study, got some shopping done, got my ring checked, went to lunch by myself (Baja Fresh has a coupon out right now for $2 bowls!  And you can print as many as you want...) 

And then I stopped by the $1 store and grocery store on the way home.  It was amazing to have 3 hours to spend as I pleased.  Josh will often watch the girls while I run to the store, but I am usually trying to hurry and get back.  And if we are paying a sitter then we know they are "on the clock", so again we are usually rushing a bit... 

This morning was just what I needed.  I was able to get lots accomplished and enjoy it at the same time.  Errands just aren't as relaxing when you are pushing a stroller and trying to keep to little girls quiet, happy and close by. And the girls had such a fun time playing with a new friend.   

I don't know who donated the babysitting money, but it was definitely a blessing.  Thank you!

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