Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 Things I Never Thought I'd Say

Ever since Mother's Day I have been thinking about how much life changes once you have kids.  Here is a list of things I never thought I would hear myself say.  Some of these things have been said by me on multiple occasions, even multiple times in a day.  Some I'm not proud of, others are just life with kids...

1.  Please get your fingers out of your butt-butt

2.  Honey, can you please go to the store and get some more Preparation H (after giving birth)

3. I just signed up for my first home school conference and I can't wait to go!

4. No, we don't eat poop that is yucky

5. I gained 10 pounds this week (during pregnancy)

6.  Finish eating your french fries and chicken nuggets and then you can have some strawberries for dessert (yep, I forced my kid to eat fried, processed junk before giving them natural, fresh fruit)

7.  We don't stick our fingers in other people's noses

8.  Here, give me that booger

9.  Mommy needs to check her facebook and then I will play a game with you

10. Why did we stay up until 11 pm last night, what were we thinking?


  1. Your list just made me laugh so hard Stephanie! I could relate to every single one...haha.

  2. Ahaha! I can relate to all of these. I feel guilty every summer when I tell my kids they can't have anymore watermelon until they've eaten their hot dog. Lol!