Thursday, May 26, 2011

Colored Bubbles

Happy 4th Birthday Madison!

She is convinced that she turned 4 a few weeks ago at her birthday party and is a bit confused about the fact that today is her birthday again, yet she is not turning 5. Gigi sent Madison a birthday package for her birthday today and it included some colored bubbles. Have any of you ever experienced these???  This was our first time using colored bubbles.  They aren't intended for the bath, they are the kind you blow with a wand.  We don't currently have a backyard so I let the girls use their bubbles in the bath instead.  They are old enough and our home is small enough that I feel comfortable leaving them unattended while they play for a few minutes.  I opened their bubbles for them and came back to this site a couple of minutes later...  Do you see the color of that water???  They loved it!  Thank you Gigi.  

(And thankfully, true to its label, it all washed away easily)

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