Monday, May 2, 2011

Kenzie's First Dentist Visit

Kenzie had her first real dentist appointment today.  They looked at her teeth last year but didn't attempt x-rays or anything like that.  I showed her pictures of Madison's first visit from the blog post I did last year.  I actually think it freaked her out seeing the masked person with crazy microscope glasses digging around in Madison's mouth.  But once she was actually at the dentist I could tell that it was reassuring for her to have seen pictures of what they were doing before having it done to her.  She did great for the x-rays and for the cleaning.  She didn't like the taste of the gritty toothpaste or the fluoride and gagged a little, but other than that she handled it like a champ!  She has pretty teeth and no cavities!  She got a new orange toothbrush and a ducky toy and promise of ice cream later.  The dentist also told me not to worry about the girls sucking their thumb...sure, they'll probably need braces as a result, but their are bigger battles to fight. 

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  1. Oh, she didn't cry? Good girl, Kenzie! Flouride helps fight cavities and it's good that you have endured its taste. Kids should know the importance of visiting the dentist regularly. I think Kenzie is properly informed about it, that's why she didn't scream and cry(just like what most kids do). You're good parents!

    --Ethan Pew