Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our trip to the park

The weather was amazing for a few days this week so on Friday we decided to head to the park for the first time as a family of five.  The park trip went great.  Ellie and I hung out and Madison and Kenzie played soccer with Dad.  Kenzie peed her pant towards the end of our park visit so we decided it was time to go.  I took Kenzie and Ellie back to the car and Josh had Maddie.  I was at the car trying to change Kenzie's pee pants without flashing her bum to the world, Ellie was crying, and I was trying to load the stroller when I heard Josh yell my name.  I looked up and saw him carrying Madison, her face was COVERED with blood.  She was screaming, "not again, please not this again."  She had fallen and hit her face on the pavement.  She was so terrified she was going to have to get stitches again.  It turns out her lip is okay but she chipped one tooth and knocked the other loose.  We have to wait and see if the tooth will turn brown and die or not...we are praying it doesn't.  Anyway, that was our first trip to the park as a family of five...I suppose it can only go up from there!

You can still see her scar from her stitches too...poor kid.  It's the curse of her abnormally large feet. 

Chipped adds character, right?  Her 4 year pictures were scheduled for next week...I guess we will be rescheduling.

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