Sunday, June 5, 2011


The girls went to a birthday party at the bowling alley this weekend.  Josh helped the girls bowl since they were struggling to get the ball down the lane without a little extra muscle.  There were bumpers up, but they couldn't manage to get the speed necessary to allow the ball to reach the pins...  Kenzie's shoe size is a 7 but the smallest they make is a 10 so the poor kid had to wear clown shoes and spent more time trying not to fall than actually bowling.

While I was in the middle of feeding Ellie at the party she projectile vomited all over me and my lap.  I spent the rest of the party literally looking like I had peed my pants.  Having a third kid is so different than with the first.  With the first kid we probably would have got stressed out and left the party after the puke incident.  With the third kid, you just deal with it.  Who cares that it looks like I peed my pants, I smell like puke, Ellie has nothing but a diaper on, and Kenzie spilled bright red fruit punch all over herself?!?  That's our life now...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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