Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Reading

I feel like my summer has been one big fail after another in terms of spending  daily time with God.  But I have been reading some book that have transformed my way of thinking in terms of God, my children, my view of circumstances etc.

May I suggest them to you.

I did a six week book study with ladies from my church on the book Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  It sounds like a self-help book, which I try to steer clear of, but every single one of the 40 "lies" is backed with scripture after scripture.  Each and everyone is practical and applicable.  One very practical thing I took away from the book was that 'there is time enough in each and every day to do everything God wants me to do.'  I don't know how many times I have caught myself feeling overwhelmed that the house is a mess, that I haven't accomplished anything, or that all I have done is hold a baby while she sleeps, etc.  And then I remember that this is what God has called me to do, if I am diligent with my time (aka not wasting in on Facebook and online shopping) then I am doing exactly what God is calling me to do right now regardless of how many loads of laundry I get done or how many ministries I am involved in.  This truth also challenges me to examine just what I am doing with my time.  If I am feeling overwhelmed constantly then perhaps I am filling my day with things God is not calling me to, this can even be said of ministries.  Not every good thing is right for me right now. 

Disclaimer: In case you do go read it, there are 2 or 3 "lies" that I don't agree with 100%.  But aside from the Bible it would be tough to find anything to agree with 100%. 

Another book I read ways 6 Ways to Keep the "Little" in your Girl by Dannah Gresh. It is all about keeping your little girl from growing up too fast, and how to help her grow up "confident, grace-filled and strong in her faith."  It was amazing.  The book says it is geared for moms of tweens to teens, but if you have a little girl I think it is helpful and applicable even for a preschooler.  I like to think I do a pretty good job of trying to guarding the mind of my little girls, but there was so much in this book to apply even now to my 4 year old.  Every mom and even grandma of a little girl should read this. 

And then just yesterday in the mail I got Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  I saw it recommended on facebook by a friend of mine (spending time on facebook isn't all bad).  First of all I ordered it at and it was at my house less than 24 hours later with the free shipping option.  Impressive!  I have only spent two days in this book but it has been awesome.  It is a daily devotion for each day of the year, written as if Jesus is talking directly to me (or to you).  The messages are short, but very very good, applicable and thought provoking.  Sometimes I get stressed out and feel pressure to be spending hours in quiet time with God each day, and when that doesn't happen, I spend no time with Him at all.  It is silly of me to think it should be all or nothing.  With this book I  spend a few minutes in the morning (or afternoon or evening) and it gives me things to reflect on for the whole day through.  I am loving it.

And that concludes my summer book review.

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