Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ellie's First Foods

Okay so these are not pictures from her actual "first" foods.  We did that a couple of weeks ago.  But honestly there wouldn't have been anything to take pictures because up until this week the girl wouldn't have anything to do with food.  Though, you wouldn't know by lookng at her thighs!

She has settled into a nice little routine of either sucking her thumb after every bite or making spitting noices that spray the food all over me.  We are definitely out of the newborn phase and settling into reality.  Ellie, as cute as she is, is going to be naughty at time just like her sisters.  And her once unoffensive diapers are quite the oppostie since beginning solids. 

But she is still absolutely the cutes little thing I have ever seen.  Her hair is getting lighter, her eyes keep getting darker and her thighs, cheeks and arms could not be squishy-er.

Someone is



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