Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting Our Tree 2011

For two years in a row now we have gone to a cute little tree farm, run by the sweetest old man.  He even cuts down the tree for you and trims the lower branches off.  The trees are beautifully trimmed and inexpensive. It only takes a minute or two to find a tree because they are all so perfect.  I love looking back at our "getting our tree" pictures from years past and seeing how much our family has grown.  We are so blessed to have three beautiful girls!

I just got these hats for the girls and was excited for this perfect opportunity to get pictures of the girls in them.  I put them in coordinating shirts and hoped we could make it to the tree farm without any major mishaps so that I could get a picture. On the way there Ellie had a huge blow out that resulted in getting poo all over her shirt and Josh.  I was not about to change her out of the green shirt and into her diaper bag outfit (aka: too ugly to have in closet so put in diaper bag for emergencies outfit) so I wiped her shirt of as best I can and called it good.  I though we were in the clear when Kenzie informed me that she had spilled hot chocolate all down the front of her shirt (darn our Starbucks traditions!).  Thankfully she had a brown vest to cover the stains.  Oh the joys of trying to keep kids presentable for pictures...seriously, who knew so much would happen in a 15 minute car ride. 
Also, the huge we spot on Ellie shirt is just drool, not the wiped up poo. 

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  1. Steph,
    The better memories are made when things don't go as planned!
    Love Aunty Kriss