Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boldness and Generosity

Boldness for Christ and Generosity are two characteristics that I want for myself and for my children.


I must admit I am often not very bold in my faith.

Madison warmed my heart with her boldness and fearlessness a few weeks ago.  At church the children had made Christmas cards.  They must have been instructed to give it to a neighbor or friend or something because when Madison got home she asked if she could go give it to the neighbor.  We don't really know our neighbors to the left or right but we know the little girl a few houses down, so I suggested that we give it to her.  My suggestion came partially out of the desire to make Madison as comfortable as possible during the delivery of her card and also out of a fear of possibly offending our neighbors with our Christian card from church.  I know, pathetic.  I hate to admit it, but it is true.  Madison was adamant about delivering the card to the man that lives next to us.  Josh took her over to his house and she handed the card right to him.  She was a little nervous but she was willing to endure the nervousness in order to share her card from church with him.

I want the boldness of my 4 year old daughter.


Both Madison and Makenzie received Spend, Save, Give banks for Christmas.  As we were dividing the money from their old banks into their new banks, I was trying to help the girls divide it up in what I thought was appropriate amounts.  Madison kept putting all of her money in the giving portion of her bank.  I didn't want to discourage her, but also wanted to let her know that she didn't need to give ALL of her money away.  The rest of the day she wanted to find ways to earn money to help others who didn't have money for food and for the doctor.  Often she mentions helping others less fortunate than ourselves.  I loved that she has a generous spirit and I hope that I can help enable her to do great things with her generous heart for others. 

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