Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas celebrations started for our family on Tuesday when my parents came down.  My mom, brothers and the girls and I went to the Nutcracker up in Portland.  Wednesday we exchanged gifts with my family.  And on Thursday my parents left and Josh's parents arrived.  We opened the usual ornament, pj's and game on Christmas Eve after church.  That night we played our new game, Cootie and ate the cake the girls made and decorated for Jesus.  Sunday morning we let the girls open their stocking and then attended a wonderfully done Christmas Service at church.  The girls came home and opened the rest of their gifts.  For Christmas dinner we had turkey and the works.  We finished out the night playing games with Josh's parents and brother once the girls had gone to bed.

Taken by Madison our budding photographer.

Taken by Madison

Hats made by Gigi.  We LOVE them!




Peek a boo!

Santa came!  Though, Madison almost peed her bed for fear of bumping into Santa in the middle of the night while going to the bathroom, she is no so thrilled about the idea of a strange bearded man entering our home in the the night while she sleeps. 

Pez Dispenser...who knew she'd be so easy to please.

This makes me chuckle.

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