Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Concert 2011 Pictures

This morning was the Children's Concert at Church.  I LOVE watching the girls up there singing and doing the motions in their Christmas dresses.  This year both girls enjoyed singing.  They were a little hesitant in the days before, so we talked about how they are not singing for themselves, they are singing for others and for God to enjoy.  This helped them take the focus off of themselves and being nervous and instead focus on singing for God and for the people at Church. 

Maddie is third from the front, peeking out from the girl in red.  Getting ready to go on stage.

The girls are next to eachother near the center, in black dresses with white polka dots.

After singing Kenzie ran straight for Josh and I, in both services.

This boy kept telling Makenzie she was in the wrong row  and tried to physically move her to the "right row"  throughout the entire second service.  She kept saying, "I'm fine.  Leave me alone.  I'm fine."  Way to stand your ground Kenzie!

Kenzie looks like she is super chubby in this picture, could not be more of the opposite.  The girl has only gained 5 lbs in the past two years.  Ellie is only 6 or 7 lbs behind her!

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