Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Jammies

Growing up I was always given a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve.  I love traditions and have carried this one on with my girls.  My dilemma is that I don't like giving them Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve because I don't like them wearing "themed" clothing out of season.  I know...I'm over thinking it.  But, I like them to have Christmas jammies for Christmas morning pictures.  This year my mom made the girls Christmas nightgowns and gave them to them at Thanksgiving.  It's genius!!!  The girls have been wearing their pajamas as much as possible, at night, during the day, whenever they are clean.  Thanks Mom for you brilliant idea!   

Instead of opening jammies on Christmas Eve the girls will open a new game, that we will play together as a family that night.  They will also open their new ornament, another tradition carried on from my childhood.

The girls with their cousin Delaynie

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