Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ellie Kate is 7 months old

Nicknames: Elle Belle, Belle, Ellie Bellie
Favorite Food: Puffs and Pears
Favorite Clothing: Jeggings (fashion and comfort, and stinkin adorable on those thighs!)
Favorite Position: Standing
Dislikes: Rolling from belly to back (hasn't even attempted it she dislikes it so much)
Sleeps on: Tummy
Favorite Toy: Pink Bear and Mr. Ducky
Favorite time of Day: Anytime, she is one happy girl
Bedtime: 7pm, still wakes up once to eat
Naps: 2 long naps and one short evening nap
Sounds: Baba, Dada, and smacking her lips as if she has just had something delicious to eat (adorable!)
Other favorites: Daddy, Mommy's Necklaces, her Sisters, Cell Phones and TV remotes


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