Monday, January 9, 2012

California Trip

Ellie and I spent four days in California this past week with my good friend Stacey.   I have been friends with her and her husband since college.  She has a little girl, Aubrey and another little girl on the way.  It was such a fun trip.  It always feels like a break when you have less children than you are used to, and Drew and Stacey are AMAZING hosts.  It was really nice to get so much one on one time with Ellie as well, though it was obvious she missed the action and entertainment that her sisters provide.  We spent one morning at the zoo and another morning at the aquarium.  We took a walk outside and played in their backyard.  The weather was so amazing, the first day I was there it was over 80 degrees.  Oh, how I love warm weather.  I loved taking Ellie outside to play without worrying about the cold.  I am ready for summer now!

I was worried about how Ellie would do on the plane.  As long as there were one or two empty seats next to us she would go to sleep and sleep right through take off and landing.  She was a champ!

Sleeping on the plane.

This picture is horrible, but it makes me laugh.  It was early in the morning and I was trying to get a picture to send to Josh.  When the flash went off it was ridiculously bright and blinded us this is us reacting to the flash.

We went to In N Out twice.  It was so worth the stomach ache due to eating wheat.
(the second time I got it lettuce wrapped instead)

Ellie and I at the Shark Tank at the Aquarium

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