Tuesday, January 10, 2012


...is the ONLY thing this girl wants to do.

The past few days Ellie is literally only content when in a standing position.  It won't work to stand in her jumperoo, she must be standing.  The trouble is, she can't get to a standing position by herself, she can't even get to a sitting position on her own.  She still doesn't even roll from her stomach to her back (she has a couple of times).  And to make it worse her Leapfrog table just broke, so now she doesn't even have a toy to stand at.  But we will be replacing it soon, just for my sanity (and her happiness).

The girl will go from crying to instant smiles if you simply let her grab onto your fingers and pull herself up to standing.  She has started walking while holding on to your fingers too.  It's pretty cute.  She has no interest in rolling or crawling, she just wants to stand.

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