Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Do I Stay Home.

We didn't give up $40,000 a year in income for nothing. Think about that, that is a lot of money!  By the time the girls are in middle school that will be well over $640,000.  That is a paid off house, and a vacation home in Hawaii and as many pairs of TOMS and drinks from Starbucks as I want!

I didn't decide to stay home so that I could clean up after my three kids all day to ensure the house stays spotless.

Josh doesn't work extra hard our family so that the floors are always squeaky clean and shining.
Because honestly if the girls were gone all day at day care, the house would stay pretty clean. 
It wouldn't get nearly as messy as it does when we are home all day.
So no, we didn't sacrifice so that I can be a professional cleaner.

I didn't stay home so that I could become an expert on the latest facebook updates and pinterest pins.
No, I could do that from my iphone at work.

I didn't stay home so that I could be the one to speak harshly to my children all day.
They would get kind words spoken to them at school by a teacher.

We didn't make huge sacrifices so that I could turn all of my math and chemistry assignments in on time while the girls watch cartoons in the other room.

I didn't choose to sacrifice so that I could neglect my girls' flaws and be inconsistent on training them only to finally reach a point where I get so frustrated, that any training I could have done is completely lost due to my lack of self control.

Josh doesn't carry the extra burden of being the sole provider for nothing.

No, Josh and I made the choice to sacrifice quite a bit of financial gain in order that I could stay home to love, raise and cherish our girls.  So that they would be brought up in a loving environment that nurtures each of their individual qualities.  We chose to have me stay home because I am their mother, I know better than anyone how each girl needs to be trained and brought up, and cared for.  We feel that raising our girls to be the best they can be cannot happen on evenings and weekends alone. 

So why is it that  I frequently find myself forgetting the most important task in my life and the reason we make so many sacrifices in the first place?

Lord, please help me to always be the mother you have called me to be and to keep my priorities straight.  Help me to be consistent in my parenting and to give the girls all of the love, attention, and training they deserve.  Let me always lay my head down  to sleep at night proud of the mother I was today.  Amen.

***disclaimer: i believe a families decision on whether to stay home with their children or not is an individual choice.  we felt that this was the plan God has for our family.  bi do not think that the Lord leads everyone in the same way.  so anything I write is from my perspective for our family specifically.


  1. Such a good reminder of what the Lord is calling us to do with our time as mothers. Your girls are adorable, Stephanie!

  2. Love it Stephanie! Love the disclaimer at the bottom, too! Every fam is different, and your girls benefit greatly from having you be at home with them! Your and Josh's sacrifice is significant and valuable! Blessing to the Thorpedos! *as Patrick calls you.