Friday, February 24, 2012

Swimsuits and warm weather are coming...someday.

Summer is coming.  Okay well it might still be February, but in my mind, which is always planning ahead, summer is just around the corner.  Part of it is just wishful thinking, I am so not a cold weather fan.  Not sure how I ended up living in Washington, Montana, and Oregon...all way too cold for my liking.

With the warm weather comes swimsuits.  We love spending time at the splash pads around town.  Unfortunately I am sure that it has not taken long for the sickos out there to figure out that they can simply park themselves on a bench and watch dozens of little girls running around in their swimsuits, without being detected.  No one questions if the man on the bench has a child with him or not.  Well, actually I do question it, but I usually just keep an I on him, I don't remove my child from the splash pad. 

When the girls were born we decided that they weren't going to wear itsy bitsy bikinis.  Why start a trend that would be quickly reversed once the baby fat was gone?  There are some really cute ruffly baby bikinis out there and I am sure my girls would have been stinkin adorable in them.  But we wanted to set a precedent of modestly for our girls.

The girls have always (with the exception of one "modest" two piece that Maddie had at 10 months old) worn one piece swimsuits or tankinis.  The options aren't as numerous, but I have still been happy with the selection and the girls don't seem to mind.  I thought our swimsuit issues were over for a while.  

Flash forward a bit, and somehow our first born baby girl is turning 5 this Spring.  I get teary-eyed thinking about it.  5 years old is like a full blown kid.  Not a toddler or preschooler, a real kid. When did I get a kid?  Crazy!  As our girls get older they loose more and more baby fat (who am I kidding, Kenzie never had an ounce of it) and their legs get longer and longer.

And now Josh and I have found ourselves questioning if even one piece swimsuits cover up everything we want to cover.  It is a sad, sick world we live in.  I want my girls covered,  I don't want to give any sickos a reason to look twice and my girls.  So now I am shopping for rashguards and boardshorts.  I may have to sacrifice a few options and cute styles, and it may cost a little bit more but I am okay with less options and a little more cash to help keep my girls purity and safety.

Here are a few options we considered...kidding, but seriously its tempting.

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  1. Steph, I COMPLETELY understand! We have the same problem with Hannah (7) because she has the longest legs anyone has ever seen! The only swimsuit brand we will ever buy is the Speedo brand that they sell at Costco. They are modest in price, they are high on top, and don't ride up the bottom half either. They are actually swimsuits (meant for swimming) and not bathing suits (meant for lounging) Seriously, go to Costco and check it out or if you do not have a Costco, have your mom go for you!