Saturday, March 24, 2012

Goodwill Outlet Finds!

My friend and I went to the Goodwill outlet last night.  They charge you by weight, so when you are buying clothes it is SUPER cheap!  Last night I got everything pictured plus a Kid Tough Digital Camera and Play Doh accessories all for less than $12! And in case you are skeptical, everything I bought is stain free and free of rips and excessive wear!

Circo Dress for Maddie, Genuine Kids Dress for Kenzie, Old Navy Shirt for Maddie

4 Shirts and 1 Dress for me. (sadly the dress doesn't fit, but for less than $1 it was worth a shot!), the brown and white tank is one of my favorite brands Love on a Hanger, and the purple Banana Republic Sweatshirt is so soft!

Find of the night! I LOVE this coat!  It is a cream/off white peacoat that fits great!  So worth the $12 alone!
I got these boys Abercromie shorts to sell on Ebay which will pay for all of the above purchases making them FREE!!!

We haven't got the Kid Touch Digital Camera to work yet, but if we do, that would be AMAZING because that is exactly what Madison wants for her birthday this year.

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  1. You are such a great deal finder! I'm impressed, thanks for sharing!