Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The past couple of weeks

I haven't blogged lately because I feel like all I really have to blog about the past couple of weeks is poop, throw up, sleep deprivations, doctors visits, math class, and x rays.  This morning I realized I did have a few pictures from the past couple of weeks on my phone that I could put on the blog.  I apologize for the quality of some of the pictures, I haven't figured out how to edit the pictures from my phone once I have uploaded them to the computer.


Sleepy sick girl.

Very sick baby (this was taken at 12:30 am while we were having some quality time together).

We drove up to Washington and dropped off Maddie and Kenzie there with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days.

She picked her own clothes...backward shirt, pajama skirt, purple converse, and lots of stickers.

She picked her own outfit complete with brown knee high socks under the purple leggings, paired with shiny black dress shoes (also not sure where she learned to strike a pose).

This was the bonnet that Madison got at the Little House on the Prairie party a while back...she would have made an adorable prairie girl! (but she was not thrilled about getting this picture taken)

My little fuzzy headed girl!

I should probably explain the xray.  Ellie is a huge fan of pulling out my earring and she may or may not have swallowed one of my larger earring a couple of weeks ago.  We haven't seen it show up anywhere despite "looking" through all of her poopy diapers, so we decided to check with an xray.  Even though digging through countless poopy diapers is not the end of the world, I would like to put an end to it.  We should get the results back today.

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