Monday, April 9, 2012

Zoo Trip

We took the kids to the zoo the day before Easter.  The girls had never been to the zoo near my parents house.  It is much bigger than our local zoo.   The girls loved having their cousins, three uncles, Grandma and Grandpa Washington and (great) Auntie Kriss there with them too.  The weather was amazing and all three girls did so well the entire time.

There was an Easter egg hunt at the zoo the day we went.  We weren't going there with the intention of doing an egg hunt, but since it was going on we thought we would let the girls participate.  It was the most disappointing egg hunt ever though.  Immediately after collecting the eggs (which were empty) the kids had to give all of the eggs back.  Only on the way out of the zoo did they get a couple pieces of candy.  I completely understand the zoo staff wanting to avoid thousands of candy wrappers flying around the zoo and into the animals cages, but still it was a bit disappointing.

Flattened penny souvenirs.  Perfect.  At 51 cents each, even if we have more kids or times get even more tough, we should always be able to get them atleast a penny souvenir.

Feeding the birds.

Kenzie and a gorilla.

Wiped out.

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