Sunday, May 27, 2012

Madison's 5th Birthday Interview

Madison’s Birthday Interview

1)     How old are you: Five

2)     The color of my hair is: Brown

3)      The color of my eyes is: I can’t really see my eyes so I don’t know

4)     My favorite food is: Pancakes

5)     My favorite drink is: Soda

6)     My favorites fruit is: Strawberries and Oranges and Blueberries

7)     My favorite treat is: Cookies

8)     One food I really don’t like is: Chicken and Rice

9)     My favorite song is: Sleeping Beauty Sountrack (I know you, I loved you once upon a dream)

10) My favorite color is: Purple and Pink

11) My favorite animal is: Elephant

12) My favorite book is: All of the Disney Princess Books

13) My favorite toy is: My new camera I got for my birthday

14) My favorite game is: Candyland

15) My favorite store is: Ice Cream Shop

16) My favorite movie is: Sleeping Beauty

17) My favorite TV show is: Angelina Ballerina

18) My favorite holiday is: Halloween

19) The thing I like to do most with Daddy is: Go on a date to the Ice Cream Shop

20) The thing I like to do most with Mommy is: Play Games

21) My best friends are: Kenzie, Ellie, Macy, Madelyn, Karalee, Audree, Nora, Emily

22) My favorite thing to do outside is: Ride my bike and take pictures

23) My favorite thing to do inside is: Play games, sing songs, dress up, pray to God, take pictures, dance

24)  My favorite part of school is: Learning to write words and learning to read

25) When I grow up I’m going to be: A buyer (work at a store and check people out)

26)  If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go:  I would stay home so that I don’t get lost

27) If I had a whole day to do anything I wanted I would? Play a game and then put it back where it goes, color and then leave it as a mess for a while and then pick it up. 

28) What I know about Jesus is: He rose up from the dead and if we believe and trust in Jesus we can go to Heaven with Him

29) If I had one wish it would be: That the whole wide world was made out of candy

30) My best memory is: The you (mommy) and Dad will always love me

31) Is there anything else you would like to share? I like to share with my sister sometimes

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