Sunday, May 27, 2012

Madisons 5th Birthday Party

Madison celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday.  That is a big milestone, she is no longer a preschooler or toddler, but a full blown kid.  I have a kid.  Crazy.  We are hoping to go to Disneyland in July, so to save money we decided we wouldn't do parties this year.  Well, I love throwing parties and Madison loves having parties, so that wasn't going to work. Instead we set a $15 budget for her party.  My friend Jayme gave me the idea of doing a Cooking Baking Party.  I love a good challenge, so I spent the past few months planning a party for less than $15.

The invitations were cute polka dot recipe cards from the $1 store, and I found small cookie cutters at the Goodwill Outlet for aout .10 cents total, that I attatched to the recipe cards with ribbon.  I know I could have saved $1.10 by sending an Evite, but I love cute invitations!  They set the tone for the party!

I used left over streamers, cups and plates from previous parties to cut costs.

I spent most of the day before the party making sugar cookies, gluten-free sugar cookies, cupcakes, gluten-free cupcakes, and loads and loads of frosting!  I acutally got a blister from holding using hand mixer so much.

Some of these ideas are from elsewhere online, but I can't remember where, so just know that these aren't all my ideas.

The party started with the girls choosing and apron as they arrived and then making chef's hats.  Once all of the guests had arrived the girls decorated sugar cookies.  It was a hit!  Next we went outside for a group picture.  When we came back in, the girls were divided up into two teams and played the cookie cutter matching game.  Each team had a poster board with cookie cutter shapes traced on it.  Then I dumped all of the cookie cutter into a pile and the girls sorted through the cookie cutters until they had found all of their matches.  Next they all took turns punching through the tissue paper on a giant cupcake to receive their prize.  After the game we opened gifts, sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes, fruit, and pink lemonade.  After the girls were finished eating  Josh hid candy in the backyard and the girls went on a treasure hunt to find it and played outside until their parents arrived.

Madison had a blast with all of her friends and I stayed in budget so I would say the party was a success.

Balloons ($1)

Cupcake Prize Punch Out ($1 for bowls)
Prizes are put into a paper bowl and taped to the back of the cardboard.  Kids choose a hole and punch through the tissue paper to receive their prize

Back of the Cupcake Prize Punch Out

Aprons for each guest (from scrap fabric: free)

Cookies for Decorating (sprinkles $3)

Chef hats for each guest to decorate (posterboard and tissue paper $1)

Cookie Cutter Matching Game (posterboards $1)

Cupcake Punch Out (prizes $3)

Purple Candles and Purple Tablecloth ($2)

Each little girl got to take home their apron, hat, plate of decorated cookies and a few little prizes.
Everything without a price I either had on hand, borrowed, or fit into the food budget.

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  1. It looks like she had so much fun, and such a cute party idea! Love it. Way to go for only spending $15. You are an amazing mom!