Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

We went strawberry picking on Sunday for the first time this season.  We picked just over 25lbs, and we will probably need to go back and pick another 50 to 75lbs to have as many strawberries as we would like for the year.  We eat some, turn some into freezer jam, freeze some whole for eating as a healthy snack, use some for strawberry daiquiris, and slice some up and freeze them for strawberries over ice cream or strawberry shortcake.  All three girls loved going.  Ellie wandered around eating berries out of our buckets, off of the bush and off of the ground.   All three girls were sickeningly full of strawberries by the time we left!  

I absolutely cherish these simple family outings together!

"Oh, I think I've had one berry too many!"

Can you spot all three girls?!

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