Monday, July 2, 2012

Hair Disaster...

This week Madison had her first major (and hopefully last) hair disaster. 

I took her in to get a trim and somehow the stylist completely messed it up.  I asked for her hair to be just above her shoulds, like I always do.  Somehow she ended up cutting it just below her ears, and completely uneven, with the back being longer than the front.  Madison started crying mid-haircut because even she knew that this was turing out very badly, and much much too short.  I'll admit, I cried too once I got home.  It did not look good.  And such bad timing, we leave for Disneyland in less than two weeks (yes, I care about stuff like that).

We took her back in to get it fixed a few days later (and this is another story, but they actually tried to charge me for it!).  I knew it was going to be short now, but it didn't have to be a poorly cut short hair style.  So, it is way way shorter than I ever would have wanted on my little girl, and it still makes me sad when I look at her sometimes, but it is much better than it was.

Maddie's hair two weeks ago (wet, but it is the most recent picture I had).

The botched job.

Seriously?!  How did the lady this this was even?!?!

Short, but fixed.

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  1. Oh sad! I totally understand how you love long hair for Mads, but her hair is adorable! I'm glad they fixed it for her!