Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School 2012 - 2013

Here is our little school corner.  I am not a big "turn your home into a school" kind of gal.  But I still want to create a fun space for the girls while we "do school".  We really don't spend all that much time in our little school corner.  Our book work takes about 1 hour and fifteen minutes each day.  Much of our days are spent reading together, taking field trips, playing with friends, ballet (soon), Awana (soon), and practical training.  Right now we are focusing on things like: working hard, doing our best in everything,  doing everything without complaining, treating others kindly, being thankful for the multitude we have been blessed with, following through, obeying, cleaning up after ourselves, learning to do new chores, etc.  
Our morning looks like this:
7:00 am  Wake up
7:00-7:30 Girls do morning chores and get dressed
7:30 Breakfast
and then the girls play until around 9:00
9:00 Ellie naps and the girls and I sit at the table for school
10:15 We're done with school and the girls spend an hour or so doing activities from the activity closet.  Things like:
lacing beads
play doh
pattern blocks
rubberband boards
shape sorters
magnetic dolls, etc.
September Curriculum:
Character/Bible Study : Polished Cornerstones - Being a Godly Woman (Prov 31)
Copywork/Memorization:  Doxology and 23 Psalm
Math: Math U See Primer
Spelling/Reading: All about Spelling
Unit Study: Apples
The Little Princess
Charlotte's Web
September Field Trips:
Oregon Gardens
Oaks Park Amusment Park
Doctors Office

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