Monday, November 5, 2012

Family Service Day

Last Saturday our Church held a service day.  Families were encouraged to sign up for different service projects in the community.  Our family chose to serve by helping with the landscaping and yard work at a nearby city hall.  Josh and I decided that we would take all three girls and stay as long as we could.  The service project was three hours long, but I wasn't expecting to stay that long.  I figured that the girls would get tired of being outside after an hour or so.  I was wrong.  The girls loved serving alongside us.  They had a blast raking leaves and filling trash can after trash can with the leaves they raked.  They never whined or complained. They girls were happy and upbeat the entire three hours.   The morning was a perfect picture of the vision Josh and I have for our family.  We want the girls to grow up desiring to serve others and ultimately to share God's love by doing so.  I pray that there are many, many more moments like these for our family.

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