Tuesday, August 13, 2013

American Girl Store Visit

 The have been saving for a few months to buy American Girl dolls.  They saved birthday money, sold toys they didn't play with, and did chores around the house.  About three weeks ago we went up to Washington to go to the American Girl store in Seattle.  The girls were so excited.  I was so excited for them.  Before we got to the store Makenzie had decided to get Molly and Madison had decided on Kit.  The girls loved buying their dolls.  I think they were a little overwhelmed at the magnitude of the store at first.  They loved finding their dolls and then looking at all of the accessories.  Grandma helped the girls get their dolls ears pierced and bought them a couple of accessories.   She also made the girls lots of doll outfits ahead of time.  I am so thankful for her talent!
I was not sure if the girls were too young for the dolls, but honestly I just couldn't want to wait for this experience.  I am so glad we didn't.  The girls love the dolls, they play pretend with them and dress them up constantly and want to take them everywhere.  If we had waited until they were older, it wouldn't have been the same.  They would still like them, I got mine when I was 9 and I loved her, but I am glad we got them their first doll when they were younger.

Getting their dolls ears pierced.


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